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24th August 2017

Our students have again been treated to an amazing array of Science activities and incursions this year during Science Week. We have enjoyed a Coding and 3D Printing incursion and a visit from West Oz Wildlife were the students enjoyed the opportunity to see and pat a very cute and cuddly koala and learn about habitats and behaviours.  The geology presentation was very informative with a dash of palaeontology thrown in to boot!  Physics has been wonderfully represented also during the week with our Circuit Breakers incursion and we learnt a little bit of everything science including chemistry during our tabloid activities on Thursday.  Again it was great to see so many entries in the home challenges on Friday.

The lunchtime activities were very popular and featured a forensics activity for our ‘Crime scene’ detectives!! There was also the Winter Wonderland – Frozen Planet to explore along with many stations providing opportunities to explore bubbles, blubber, ice necklaces and singing jars to satisfy natural curiosity. Astronomy featured on Friday with The CSIRO virtual classroom visit which showcased Astronomy and was very informative. The Scitech incursion wasl, as always, a highlight for scientific engagement and interaction through a variety of activities and experiments. Congratulations to Mrs Staples and helpers for putting together an unrivalled ‘Science Extravaganza’ for the benefit of all of our students!

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