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23rd June 2017

This term Mrs Beckingham’s Room 7 class have been involved in the Story Dogs Program.  Each week Steph and Alfie the whippet visit the classroom to join in story reading time with the students.  The students have embraced Alfie and are all very keen to spend time reading to Alfie and Steph. 

Each Tuesday Steph and Alfie arrive at an eager classroom ready for storytime.  One and sometimes two students read a high interest storybook with Steph and Alfie in a relaxed outdoor atmosphere.  They can retell the story to Alfie, remind him of the characters and tell him the answers to questions or explain an event.   

Reading to a calm non-judgemental dog encourages children to perform better in reading and to see that reading can be fun outside the classroom setting.  Steph and Alfie will be involved with the children in Room 7 for the remainder of the year and may possible expand their visits to other Halls Head Primary classrooms. 

Story dogs is a great initiative and has been well received by parents in Room 7.