Our Beliefs




We are a welcoming school that encourages the best from everyone. We practise our values, strive for excellence and take pride in achievement.


Every student to strive for success in preparation for a modern world and to promote lasting positive relationships with learning.


We engage every child in inspirational teaching and learning opportunities to develop the whole child in preparation for a sustainable future.



At Halls Head Primary School we value and promote:

- an emphasis on courtesy and respect for others 

- a  supportive, friendly, encouraging learning environment.

- a challenging curriculum that encourages innovation.

- to develop and encourage children to be responsible citizens and develop a feeling of self worth.

- each student to aspire to achieve each individuals potential

- pride in our school and a sense of belonging

- that positive  relationships are essential to effective learning

- the right of others to learn

- the sharing of ideas and the opportunity to collaborate with peers

- collaboration and sharing to achieve common goals.